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Winter Wildlife Day Returns!

Posted by | February 23, 2024 | Filed under: Program Activities

Winter Wildlife Day is a partnership event offered by the Center for Wildlife, York County Audubon, and the Wells Reserve. It began in 2011 and was held annually through February of 2020, reaching 1,300 people over those ten years. We took a hiatus in 2021, 2022, and 2023 due to the effects of COVID, and were so elated to bring it back to life yesterday! Over 100 people attended, and the enthusiasm circulating around Mather Auditorium was contagious.

The event began with the Center for Wildlife introducing the audience to four of its animal ambassadors: Blossom the painted turtle, Zipper the corn snake, Fern the barred owl, and Violet the turkey vulture. We learned about the amazing adaptations of each of these beautiful animals, as well as the stories of how they ended up at the Center. Some had lifelong injuries after being hit by cars, while others had been taken from the wild as pets and so were no longer fit for surviving on their own. The fan club of these ambassadors definitely grew by leaps and bounds as a result of our time with them!

Photo credit: Kathy Donahue

After our time with the animal ambassadors, some folks headed outdoors for a Maine Master Naturalist-led wildlife walk and/or scavenger hunt on the trails, while others stayed indoors for the wildlife activities there. York County Audubon helped children make fluffy snowy owls to take home, and the Wells Reserve engaged learners with wildlife furs, skulls, and tracks, as well as an animal insulation activity. And there was of course hot cocoa available throughout the festivities!

Photo credit: Margaret Weeks

Thanks so much to all of the staff and volunteers who helped to make this event such a success, and to all of the families who joined us with your smiles. We'll look forward to another Winter Wildlife Day with you in 2025!

Photo credit: Kathy Donahue

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