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For Visiting Scientists

About using the Wells Reserve for your research investigations

The Wells Reserve site and facilities are available for use by a limited number of visiting investigators. Discover the possibilities of our 2,250-acre site and learn about our dedicated research and teaching laboratories.

The Wells Reserve as a Field and Lab Site

The Maine Coastal Ecology Center, on the Wells Reserve's Laudholm campus, includes a research laboratory, GIS center, teaching laboratory, offices, storage area, and break room. It is adjacent to the library and auditorium. The ecology center is equipped with equipment for plant and animal field sampling, georeferencing, observation, and imaging.

We maintain a small number of 12- to 22-foot research vessels, canoes, and kayaks. Pickup trucks and boat trailers are also available.

Michele Dionne Research Laboratory

Research associate Martin Junco works in the Michele Dionne Research Laboratory

Optical Equipment

  • Zeiss Stemi SV6
  • Zeiss SV11 with Leica photo system
  • Zeiss Axiostar Plus compound microscope
  • Reichert Microstar IV compound microscope
  • Reichert Bio-Star inverted compound microscope

Additional Equipment

  • Millipore Direct-Q filtration system for deionized water
  • Fisher A-220D top-loading balance
  • Fisher XD-8KD analytical balance
  • Turner Design 10-AU field-ready fluorometer
  • Environmental growth chamber
  • Sliding door refrigerated chamber
  • Refrigerator (2)
  • Freezer (2)
  • Large built-in fume hood
  • Drying oven
  • Muffle furnace
  • Benchtop centrifuge
  • Safety storage closets

Teaching Laboratory

  • Zeiss Stemi-DV4 student stereomicroscope (16)
  • Digital projector
  • Benchtop hood
  • Benchtop meters and vacuum filters for basic water quality testing (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll a, salinity, fecal coliform)
  • Deep sinks suitable for sieving field samples

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