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Scott Richardson

Communications Director

Period of Service

2000 to 2024


207-646-4521 ext 114

I first became aware of Laudholm Trust and its effort to establish the Wells Reserve early in 1986. I made a small donation to the cause and soon, before ever visiting the nascent reserve, moved across the country. I continued to root for the trust and the reserve from afar, newsletters and occasional letters from Mort keeping me engaged against the odds.

Some years later, on a trip back to New England, I finally managed my first walk, my first entry into the Laudholm farmhouse. From then on, I felt myself drawn back but only rarely returned to this wonderful place.

More than a decade after departing I had freshly moved back to Maine when an incredibly apt help wanted ad appeared before my eyes (thanks, Sue). I ended up employed here for 24 years. Wow.

As I move on, I am still rooting for the reserve and tuned into the trust. I hope you will be too.

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