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Q&A: Why Was I Not Accepted for the Crafts Festival?

Posted by | March 25, 2010 | Filed under: Culture

Over more than three decades, the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival has distinguished itself as selective and diverse, making it a premier event on the festival circuit for both vendors and buyers. Each year, we receive many more applications than we can accept. We recognize the disappointment felt by those not selected, so we offer this article to help you increase the likelihood of being selected in another year.

Our jurors, all volunteers, base their scoring on specific criteria, which are detailed in the application packet. They are:

  1. Nature theme
  2. Quality of workmanship
  3. Originality
  4. Booth setup
  5. Supporting photographs
  6. New work

Artisans who present very strongly in all of these areas are likely to be accepted. Here are some common reasons applicants are not admitted…

  • Late entries may be disqualified. Application materials are made available about two months ahead of our mid-March deadline. We must receive application packets by the deadline and cannot make exceptions if your selected delivery service makes your package late.
  • Competition for this festival is very keen. We receive many more applications than spots available.
  • Some categories, such as jewelry and fabric/clothing, are particularly competitive. Woodworking and stoneworking are typically the least competitive.
  • Booth setup truly is important. Applicants who do not show a professional booth setup lose points.
  • Artisans who "rest on their laurels" may not be re-admitted, even if they have been selected for several years. We hope they will reapply next year, especially if they are able to demonstrate growth in their craft.
  • Photographers are occasionally rotated out to offer some diversity for buyers.

If, after reviewing the criteria, reading common reasons for rejection, and doing a rigorous self-assessment of your application package, you still have questions about our process, please call 207-646-4521. Please be aware that the staff do not participate in the jurying process and cannot address specifics about application merits or shortcomings.

Post updated February 2020.

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