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From First Human Orbiting the Earth to SpaceX Missions

Monday, August 12, 2024, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Join Ekeberg Prize winner Yuri Freeman for an exploration of the most memorable moments in space exploration!


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Mather Auditorium

This event is handicap accessible

This presentation is about the most memorable moments in space exploration. Well start with Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, and Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard, the first humans orbiting the Earth. Well continue with Alexey Leonov, the first human to conduct a spacewalk outside a spacecraft, the Apollo 1 tragedy, and Neil Armstrong, who was the first human to walk on the Moon. Well also explore the Apollo-Soyuz American-Russian flight, the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle program. And finally, well discuss NASAs exploration of Mars and the SpaceX breakthroughs, including reusable rockets, the Starlink global internet program, and future long-range human flights. The presenters personal experience with working in Russian space electronics and later his involvement in NASA and SpaceX programs will be included in the presentation. The images from the most memorable moments in space exploration will be demonstrated.

About the Presenter

Yuri Freeman has a PhD in solid state physics, the foundation of modern electronics. He works as a Doctor Tantalum LLC consultant, and teaches as an adjunct professor at Clemson University. Yuri worked in Russian space electronics and later was invited to the US by the SPRAGUE in Sanford, ME. His family settled in Kennebunk, where Yuri's wife Galina found a good school for their young children. For his books on Tantalum and Niobium-based capacitors, key parts of the life-saving cardio implants and space systems, Yuri was awarded the Ekeberg Prize by the Tantalum and Niobium International Study Center (TIC). Yuri's name is now in the Tantalum and Niobium Hall of Fame.

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