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A Song to Sing, As Promised

The staff serenaded volunteers gathered for the summer 2022 recognition event. Below are the lyrics to "Because of You, We Will Survive," a collaboration by the Wells Reserve Singers (backed, at this event, by Bruce Bjork).

Singers at the front of the Laudholm barn

Photo: David M. Meserve

Because of You, We Will Survive

To be sung to the tune of "I Will Survive," originally written by Freddie Perrin and Dino Fekaris and performed by Gloria Gaynor

Verse 1

At first I was afraid, I was petrified 
Kept thinking I could never go unmasked or go inside
 then I remembered where I work, and how it gets along
And I grew strong
And I learned how to sing this song

And so you're back
Here at this place
I walked in to find you here with a smile upon your face
I shared the combo lock, I gave you the spare keys
Volunteers go the extra mile and will never worry me

Chorus 1

Go on now, go, hop on the Mule
Or pour some coffee…
Volunteers are super cool
Weren't you the ones who always help us to get by?
You bring peach crumble,
You bring donuts and pie!

Because of you, we do much more
You count the baby fish 
Protect the plovers on the shore
Youve got so much love to give
And so much joie de viv, so well survive
We will survive 

Verse 2

It took all the strength you had to move the floating dock
You grab your clipboard and head out to lead a guided walk
So we tally up your hours and can NOT believe our luck
The tears we cry
Are tears of joy and you are why

This old Reserve… looks clean and new
And the green crabs in the marsh are just no match for you.
So now we sing to you once more at this volunteer soiree
Of the ways you bring your best 
Each and every single day.

Chorus 2

Oh!  You brave mosquitos, you shovel snow!
The phone is ringing
So you answer… Hey, hello!
Arent you the one who always smiles from the booth?
You keep us humble. 
This closing verse is the truth: Because of you, we do much more

You patrol out on the trails
Help kids explore the shore
Youve got so much love to give
And so much joie de viv, so well survive
And weve thrived 


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