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Garages Get a Makeover

Posted by | November 14, 2022 | Filed under: Program Activities
Garage door rebuilds in progress: One replaced, one down for work, and one showing wear.

The Laudholm campuss two garages, sitting side by side, both date to the early 20th century. The smaller one was built in 1907 for the Lord familys new Thomas Forty automobile. The 5-bay garage was added in the 1920s.

A century later, these buildings have gained fresh attention. Each has been rewired to exploit our newest photovoltaic panels; their outlets and LED lighting are now powered by the Sun. And their 14 deteriorating doors, each weighing about 150 pounds, are being methodically rebuiltsashes are refurbished and set into historically accurate reconstructions.

The determined crew of volunteers putting scores of hours into the project so far include Peter Anthony, Carolyn Broad, John Hake, Dave Harrison, Frank Heller, Peter McKenzie, and Howard Wineberg. Nice work, all!

Volunteer Peter Anthony (on ladder) assists facilities director brian greenwood with precise and accurate positioning of a trim board after the first replacement door was hung on the five-bay garage.
Frank Heller and Dave Harrison measure and mark a door under construction as Brian Greenwood prepares to drill.

From Watermark, fall 2022

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