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The Wrack

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"Open Every Day" More Important than Ever

Posted by | July 14, 2020 | Filed under: Culture

In a state of civil emergency (March 15), with emergency measures passed unanimously by the state legislature (March 17), and with coastal state parks closing (March 26), and a Stay Healthy at Home mandate (March 31), the prospects for the Wells Reserve at Laudholm remaining open 7am to sunset seemed dim. But this sprawling landscape holds ample opportunity to ambulate. That meant the world to people pursuing essential personal activities by engaging in outdoor exercise activities such as walking, hiking,…

So while our restrooms were closed (March 16) and the beach was placed off limits (March 30), our trails remained open for short visits by individuals and families. During these trying months, we have been rewarded with gratitude.

  • It is so nice that the reserve is open for a peaceful moment with nature.
  • Way to go Wells Reserve!
  • Best place to renew your soul!
  • Each and every time I go into the woods and stand at the edge of the marsh, I am utterly and totally filled with gratitude.
  • Thank you for giving a safe spot for a little nature break.
  • So many trails and I didnt cross anyones path.
  • I was laid off last week and need a zen spot.
  • Business as usual, with adjustments, shows strength in our mission of science and serving the public.
  • Thank you for keeping it open we need this to survive with sanity.
  • Perfect place to soothe the soul.
  • Appreciate your wanting to protect our sweet world. Tough times all around. We will get thru.
  • Be Well.

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