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Planting Natives to Deter Canada Geese

Posted by | August 30, 2018 | Filed under: Program Activities

As part of the Cape Neddick River Restoration project we reached out to 30 + landowners on the Cape Neddick River and asked if any would like to partner with us in a project to deter the geese hanging out on their lawns by planting native shrubs. Why deter the geese? Because they poop, a lot, and it is one source of bacteria contaminating the water. 

I heard back from 9 landowners, moved forward with making designs and plans with 5, and implemented 3 projects. As part of the funding requirement, the grant could cover up to 60% of the project costs and the homeowners need to match the remaining 40%.  Special thanks to our volunteers for helping defray the costs by digging and planting: Allyn Lamb from Kennebunkport and Steve Malkasian from Kennebunk, both Wells Reserve volunteers; Alan Shapiro, Fran Day, Laura Neal and Philippa Stratton from Cape Neddick; and Robert Palmer, from York.

Example Planting Plan:

My car stuffed with 55 plants from Pierson Nurseries (they stuffed it; they're experts).

55 plants later . . .

Getting holes dug and plants in (Leslie, Allyn and Fran). 

 One site, before: 

and after:

And does it work? Sid says, "Annie, the geese aren't here and I no longer have to wear my old sneakers to walk out on my lawn."

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