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Trail Work, Tree Planting, and More with AmeriCorps

Posted by | July 1, 2019 | Filed under: Culture

AmeriCorps teams, in our experience, are amazingly productive and enthusiastic groups of volunteers. Team "Cedar 1," based in Iowa and living here for a spell in June, fit the pattern. In just over 2 weeks, they thinned trees in the Yankee Woodlot, planted trees along the entry-road buffer, pulled invasive species, improved trails, built a picnic table, and assisted with numerous other projects.

While a good portion of Cedar 1 members' time was spent at the reserve, they also helped the Wells Conservation Commission create a 76-foot bog bridge to prevent erosion on the Gowen Trail at Ghost Meadow Wildlife Commons. While they were there, they also constructed a granite bench.

And to go the extra mile, they even assisted with the Tour de Cure: Kennebunks. Thank you and a big round of applause to the team. Best wishes on your next deployment.

AmeriCorps volunteers measure steps on the beach access boardwalk.
Measure once.

AmeriCorps volunteers mark a picnic table.

Measure twice.

AmeriCorps volunteer cutting a board.

Cut once.

AmeriCorps volunteer prepares a log for a bog trail.

Prepping a log for the bog trail.

AmeriCorps Cedar 1 poses with project leader at Ghost Meadow.

Getting muddy.

AmeriCorps volunteers haul granite for a bench at Ghost Meadow.

Hauling granite.

AmeriCorps volunteers at Tour de Cure Kennebunks.

At the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure: Kennebunks.

AmeriCorps volunteers prepare to serve... food.

On the food line.

"AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs, made up of three primary programs that each take a different approach to improving lives and fostering civic engagement. Members commit their time to address critical community needs like increasing academic achievement, mentoring youth, fighting poverty, sustaining national parks, preparing for disasters, and more." —

Our teams have come from AmeriCorps NCCC. They: Get. Things. Done.

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