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Maps and data for southern Maines conservation community.

The Wells Reserve Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center offers maps and mapping services, GIS and GPS trainings, and data sets needed to advance community-based conservation across southern Maine. The GIS Center also assists with scientific research and facilitates efforts to restore degraded habitats.

GIS Center

Among the data layers used in our map products are:

  • parcel boundaries
  • aerial photography
  • satellite imagery
  • conserved lands
  • rare wildlife and plant occurrence data

(Data shared for conservation planning are often not available to the public. Please contact the GIS Center concerning specific restrictions on the use of data.)

For working with GIS data, we recommend:

Google Maps

Google Maps users can create simple custom maps with points, lines, and shapes; various base layers; and imported KMZ or GeoRSS files.

Google Earth

Google Earth functions like a digital globe. A collection of satellite images creates an aerial view of the entire planet and users can select from a menu of interactive layers to display. Users can also display their own geographic information in custom made layers.

Look into Google Earth Outreach.

Data Sources

The Maine Office of GIS maintains mapping data for the state within the ArcGIS Open Data platform.

Access Maine GIS Data